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Re: [bug-myserver] toward MyServer 0.9

From: Daniele Perrone
Subject: Re: [bug-myserver] toward MyServer 0.9
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 12:33:09 +0200

I don't think refactoring is a good thing to do between RC1 and RC2, because of the test coverage is quite poor, so it's high probable that with refactoring we introduce new bugs, so i thing we can clean the code before the RC1, and increase  test coverage and fix new bugs between  RC1 and final release.

On Sat, Jun 20, 2009 at 11:59 AM, Francesco Pipita <address@hidden> wrote:

I think that for this first GNU release, the most important goal, is to
have something that "works".

So, from my point of view (I don't know very much about FTP features of
MyServer) fixing the missing documentation as well as trying to correct
as much bugs as we can, are the most important targets before releasing
the RC1 version.

Next, the transition from RC1 to RC2, should aim to clean at least the
recently added code (a week of refactoring should be enough to achieve
that). Then in the week preceding the 0.9 release, we can do strong
testing again.

After the 0.9 release, we can concentrate on the new features to add
within MyServer, but, as we discussed along with Daniele, I think we
should to do the effort to plan smaller task, each with a clearer
description about of what to do. To achieve that, we should pone ourself
from the point of view of a developer who doesn't know anything about
MyServer internals, making him able to start working right away. This
will attract more developers for sure.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello folks,
> we are always closer to our first official GNU release, before it can
> happen I would like to define what is asbolutely required and what we
> can postpone after the release.
> The GUI application is work-in-progress so it will not be available in
> time for the release.
> I think we can plan a RC1 for the first half of July, approximately
> 10-11 July.
> A second rc, if bugs were found in the RC1, can be released after a
> week, and after another week, finally release MyServer 0.9.
> This first GNU release was a bit more complicated and took more time
> than I was expecting, things will change after, when 2-3 months will be
> a reasonable time between releases.
> This is the list of things we have to complete before releasing:
> 1) Add documentation for missing configuration options.
> 2) Add FTP logging, at least for most important events and for requests.
> 3) Test MyServer under Windows.
> What I consider impossible to have for 0.9, and that is part of our
> long-term goals:
> 1) Localization using gettext.
> 2) Apache mod_rewrite like plugin.
> 3) libguile extendibility.
> 4) New ways to configure resources permission (LDAP, OS, ODBC...).
> 5) GUI.
> 6) Abstraction of configuration files.
> 7) Load-balancer.
> 8) New protocols.
> 9) WebDAV.
> 10) ...
> Do you see other things we have to do now?  After the release?  Any
> comment in general?
> Thanks,
> Giuseppe

Perrone Daniele

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