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[bug-myserver] toward MyServer 0.9

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: [bug-myserver] toward MyServer 0.9
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 22:33:25 +0200
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Hello folks,

we are always closer to our first official GNU release, before it can
happen I would like to define what is asbolutely required and what we
can postpone after the release.

The GUI application is work-in-progress so it will not be available in
time for the release.

I think we can plan a RC1 for the first half of July, approximately
10-11 July.

A second rc, if bugs were found in the RC1, can be released after a
week, and after another week, finally release MyServer 0.9.

This first GNU release was a bit more complicated and took more time
than I was expecting, things will change after, when 2-3 months will be
a reasonable time between releases.

This is the list of things we have to complete before releasing:

1) Add documentation for missing configuration options.
2) Add FTP logging, at least for most important events and for requests.
3) Test MyServer under Windows.

What I consider impossible to have for 0.9, and that is part of our
long-term goals:

1) Localization using gettext.
2) Apache mod_rewrite like plugin.
3) libguile extendibility.
4) New ways to configure resources permission (LDAP, OS, ODBC...).
5) GUI.
6) Abstraction of configuration files.
7) Load-balancer.
8) New protocols.
9) WebDAV.
10) ...

Do you see other things we have to do now?  After the release?  Any
comment in general?


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