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[bug-mailutils] Bug: Error parsing parameter value containing '.' in Con

From: Christopher LaRosa
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Bug: Error parsing parameter value containing '.' in Content-type
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2010 16:36:28 -0400

I have a message with the following valid Content-type header line:

Content-Type: multipart/Voice-Message; Version=2.0; 

The "_mime_get_param()" function in "mime.c" does not correctly parse the 
"Version=2.0" parameter in the message, even though this is a valid parameter 
according to RFC 2045 section 5.1. It stops parsing at the "." character, which 
it incorrectly treats as a special character (_ISSPECIAL).  According to RFC 
2045 section 5.1, the "." character is a valid token character as it is not 
part of "tspecials".

I found this because the "mu_message_get_num_parts()" function returns EINVAL 
for this message.  It never finds the required "boundary" parameter which 
appears later on the line, and assumes the Content-type field is invalid.

I also submitted this as Bug #30383 at "http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs";, but I am 
unsure which bug process you are currently using.

Thank you for your time.  Have a great day!

Christopher LaRosa
BlueTie, Inc.

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