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[bug-mailutils] alias processing anomaly

From: djh
Subject: [bug-mailutils] alias processing anomaly
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 17:32:27

Subject: MH programs in mailutils.

Here's the latest progress to demonstrate the difference between the 
two MH programs:
        1.) whom
        2.) send

Note that 'whom' expands the aliases correctly.  Whereas send does not on my 

Here is a simple test I made the follow draft message, # 2093.

Message 2093's contents:
                To: darel
                Subject: test 1

                test msg body

The alias file line for the alias "darel" is:

                darel:    "djh" <address@hidden>

gdb whom
set args 2093
b mu_address_create

Breakpoint 1, mu_address_create (a=0x22edc4,
    s=0x10020840 "\"djh\" <address@hidden>") at address.c:47

gdb send
set args 2093
b mu_address_creaste

Breakpoint 1, mu_address_create (a=0x22ec44,
    s=0x1002b110 "\"darel\" <\"djh\" <address@hidden>>") at address.c:47

Somewhere the alias name is getting prepended to the address.
I believed this happened in mh_alias_get_address in mh_alias_gram.c in line # 
1598 which is:
         asprintf (&ptr, "\"%s\" <%s>", name, item);


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