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[bug-mailutils] Dcc field

From: djh
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Dcc field
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 16:48:13

I found that the "Dcc:" header field is not getting processed for aliases. 
expansion.  I first asked the MH-E people about this not knowing where the 
boundaries lie between MH-E and mailutils MH programs yet. But, according to 
them the problem would be in an MH program.

Here are the details:

djh  <address@hidden> wrote:

> MH-E 7.93+cvs
> Mailutils 0.6.93
> I just tried using the dcc field doing a C-c C-f C-d to create the
> field (Dcc:) and then input an alias.
> Then to check the alias I did a C-c C-w. The alias in the dcc field
> was not checked. It also does not get expanded when mail is sent as it
> should. In fact the Dcc field looks as if its getting ignored. At
> least I received no errors yet from a non e-email address alias.
> Alias in the (Dcc:) header field should also be expanded, in my opinion.

<>Response from:  Bill Wohler <address@hidden>

<>And it is, for me. In any case, this isn't a problem with MH-E but
<>rather with MH. Since we call MH to perform all of that handling, this
<>seems like a bug in mailutils which you should report or your MH profile
<>isn't set up correctly.


I don't know which mailutils MH program source file would be responsible for 
this (Dcc:) field header processing of outgoing mail, but I will look into it 
if you tell me which file or files it might be in.

I can't think of anything in the .mh_profile that relates to this problem.

   Darel Henman

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