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[bug-mailutils] wish list for a POP server

From: Stephen Gildea
Subject: [bug-mailutils] wish list for a POP server
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 11:16:34 -0400

I'm looking for a POP server with a number of features, and I cannot
find anything that has all of them.  The GNU mailutils pop3d seems
promising.  It has some of the features I want, and it seems to be under
active development (0.5 just came out).

So I'd like to present you with my check list for a POP server:

 - allow POP account users without accounts on the local machine
      [pop3d has this]
 - support SSL (POP3S, S/POP)  [pop3d seems to have this]
 - support APOP  [pop3d has this]
 - allow dot-locking of mailbox files
 - run non-root (probably group mail is sufficient privilege)
 - run chroot'ed (to the spool directory?)
 - support sane, standard mailbox formats (something other than mbox, please;
      mmdf or maildir is good).
    a standard format provides transparency and easy conversion.
    a sane format provides data integrity (mbox format fails this test).
    (Personally, I find MMDF format with dot-locking works great; it's
    simple and robust.)
      [pop3d seems to have this]

I'm hoping that at this stage of development, still before release 1.0,
my wish-list can provide some direction for your design and development.
I would be happy to respond to comments and requests for clarification.

I apologize for lumping this entire list into one email message; I hope
this isn't too inconvenient for you to file.  I looked for a tracking
system where I could enter these separately but didn't see one.

 < Stephen

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