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[bug-mailutils] GNU POP3 Login

From: David Correa
Subject: [bug-mailutils] GNU POP3 Login
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 23:21:31 -0700


How can i redirect the pop user login data generated
by the GNU POP3 daemon? It now goes into
the mail log and it fills the mail log with too much 
information i dont usually need.

I do see a option on that might work

6.2.7 logging -- Logging control options.

`--log-facility facility'

Output logs to the specified syslog facility. The following 
facility names are recognized: `user', `daemon', `mail', `auth' 
and `local0' through `local7'. These names are case-insensitive. 

However I checked the man page and I do not see
an option for this.

The start script uses:

        echo -n "Starting gnu-pop3d: "
        daemon gnu-pop3d -d 10 -t 600
        touch /var/lock/subsys/gnu-pop3d

Best Regards,
David Correa
Network Engineer 
Key fingerprint 7F2C E072 479D 71B4 008B 373E A284 8CDE 7659 F5D8

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