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[bug-mailutils] Spelling error for --quiet command-line switch in 'mess

From: Janne Nikula
Subject: [bug-mailutils] Spelling error for --quiet command-line switch in 'messages' documentation
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 07:02:42 +0300
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The --quiet command-line switch for the 'messages' utility in the GNU
Mailutils software is erraneously documented as --quite, clearly a
spelling mistake.

I noticed this while reading this web page,

It also appears to be "greppable" in the version 0.3 source package
although I don't understand the texinfo format.

address@hidden:~$ grep -n -e "--quite" src/mailutils-0.3/doc/texinfo/*
src/mailutils-0.3/doc/texinfo/programs.texi:2175:@itemx --quite

address@hidden:~/opt/mailutils/bin$ ./messages --version
messages (GNU Mailutils 0.3)
address@hidden:~/opt/mailutils/bin$ ./messages --quiet
address@hidden:~/opt/mailutils/bin$ ./messages --quite
./messages: unrecognized option `--quite'
Try `messages --help' or `messages --usage' for more information.

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