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How do I create a message from RFC822 data!

From: Sam Roberts
Subject: How do I create a message from RFC822 data!
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 23:08:27 -0500
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I want to redirect mail,
but I need to change the mailer API,
and I need to create a message_t to test it,
so I need a stream_t made from stdin...

See the attached. Basically, I hacked the file variant of stream_t
so there's one with a constructor that just assigns the FILE* into
the _file_stream object. Works fine.

Now I want to make a message_t. I'm trying based on mh code (I thought
it would be closest since it is one message per file), but the attached
program seems to loop internally, and core dump with a blown stack!

Can somebody point me the right way?

What i need to be able to do is something like:


s = stdio_stream_create(stdin)/open();


h = message_get_header(); // Causing the headers to be read from the stream.

Manipulate the headers in-memory (add message-id, date, etc.).

  which will
     readline from message
     writeline to wherever

The important thing is that the message data was never loaded into
memory all at once.

Do I need to create a special kind of folder for this, or can I do it
with a message_t?

I want to learn more about these things internals, but a pointer in the
right direction so I don't flail around too much would be handy.


p.s. I'll try and stick the wicket in sieve now, as a proof-of-concept.

Sam Roberts <address@hidden> (Vivez sans temps mort!)

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