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[bug-libmatheval] Improvements suggestions

From: Darkounet
Subject: [bug-libmatheval] Improvements suggestions
Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2014 19:23:46 +0200
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Hi  guys !

I've been doing some work around libmatheval for a while (in order to include it in one of my projects). I've managed to add some little features, which are the following :

* Removed dependencies on @LEXLIB@ (-ll or lfl), because there is no need to have yywrap function in libmatheval. * Added the `evaluator' prefix to every symbols in LEX/YACC generated files (this is pseudo standard, POSIX does not define -P option for LEX, but it is implemented in almost any LEX implementation). * Added the evaluator_evaluate2, a function that I described in a previous message on this list. * The test suite for guile is now optional (I did not dropped it, this was necessary since compatibility errors with newer versions of guile have been reported

I also changed the version number (in order to fit with my project's main binary version number).

Quite a long time ago, I've requested to join the developer groups on savannah, but I did not get any response. I hope the project is not died anyway.

For those who want the fixes, I join the diff with the mail.


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