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Re: [PATCH] Rephrase recent change history.

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Rephrase recent change history.
Date: Sat, 09 May 2020 10:17:14 -0400

   That would also relieve me of the burden to register non-functional
   changes to source files, when only comments are altered.

For comment _only_ changes, you are prefectly free to skip a ChangeLog
entry, or reducing it to something simple like "file.c: Comment
fixes." (neglecting to mention the function, etc).  It would not be OK
if you for example rename a function, even though that is a
"non-functional" change.  

The purpose of the ChangeLog file is to track _code_ changes..  But,
it is fine if one feels that it would help a future pursuer of the
ChangeLog file to document something of importance that isn't a pure
code change.

So this also applies to say the manual, I wouldn't describe what
exactly I changed there -- only say that I updated it.

Does that clarify the issue?

   Please tell me if you prefer this mode of resolution. I have a
   pending change sets that implements a IPv6 delegation list to our
   whois client, but I do not mind adjusting my arrangements.

I don't have a particular preference, it is up to you! :-) Or if you
prefer I decision, do what you intended to do.

   Best regards from a constantly learning member,

As are all of us!

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