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Re: [bug-inetutils] Problems with telnetd in inetutils-1.9.4

From: Michael Brunnbauer
Subject: Re: [bug-inetutils] Problems with telnetd in inetutils-1.9.4
Date: Thu, 5 May 2016 11:40:46 +0200
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hi all,

On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 11:49:38AM +0200, Michael Brunnbauer wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 29, 2016 at 04:46:58AM -0400, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> >     inetd[24051]: cannot execute /usr/libexec/telnetd: Bad address
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> >    Is this a bug in telnetd?
> > 
> > Possibly, can you attach gdb to telnetd and see what happens?
> Sorry but my question refers to the problem of getting a "Password:" prompt
> instead of a "login:" prompt with telnetd from inetutils-1.9.4. The "Bad 
> address" problem was solved by upgrading inetd.

I was able to reproduce the password prompt problem using tcpserver instead
of inetd. So it seems to be caused by a change in telnetd between 
inetutils-1.9.1 and inetutils-1.9.4.

As for the "Bad address" problem with inetd: I also had it with the newer
inetutils-1.9.4 inetd and a service handled by a shell script:

19433   stream  tcp4    nowait  root    /root/bandwidth
19434   stream  tcp4    nowait  root    /root/bandwidth_nec

The service at port 19433 works fine while the service at port 19434 fails
with "inetd[3947]: cannot execute /root/bandwidth_nec: Bad address". The shell
scripts /root/bandwidth and /root/bandwidth_nec are only slightly different.
Migrating to tcpserver solved this problem.

Maybe the update to glibc-2.23 has caused inetd to become unstable, crashing


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