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[bug-inetutils] need some education about GNU command hostname -s and -i

From: address@hidden
Subject: [bug-inetutils] need some education about GNU command hostname -s and -i
Date: Thu, 16 May 2013 08:23:17 -0400

We've installed a new ArchLinux system with XFCE. We added a Generic
Monitor panel app with a small bash script to display the hostname and
IP address. There is a problem - a twenty second delay which locks up
the panel app. 

In a terminal: 
hostname displays the string immediately, no problem. 
hostname -s delays about twenty seconds before showing the same string. 
hostname -i delays about thirty seconds before showing the LAN IP
address from the router. We tried switching between Belkin and LinkSys
routers, and there was no difference, the problem persisted. 

This is clearly something that we did incorrectly, because the same
script works fine on another Arch installation. 
Obviously we've setup something wrong in the network config, but where? 

Can you explain where hostname looks for the -s and -i? 

Thanks in advance, 
M. Berlin for Altissima Groupings

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