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[bug-inetutils] small syslogd and IPv6 conf issue

From: Palmer, Thomas
Subject: [bug-inetutils] small syslogd and IPv6 conf issue
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2012 20:22:09 +0000

Inetutils/Syslogd group ~

I’m using inetutils/syslogd 1.9.1 with eglibc 2.15.   It appears that getaddrinfo with IPv6 is sensitive to trailing spaces and comments, where-as IPv4 addresses are not.


For example, syslogd/getaddrinfo handles this fine:

local0.*  @  #COMMENT


But it cannot parse this line successfully:

                Local0.* @FE80::215:5DFF:FE73:2F00 #COMMENT


The fact that IPv4 works above may be an unintended consequence of getaddrinfo behavior, but I have found that it has been beneficial in my application development.  The patch below will allow IPv6 to behave the same way and should allow any config line to include a comment at the end.


Index: inetutils/src/syslogd.c


--- inetutils/src/syslogd.c     (revision 191)

+++ inetutils/src/syslogd.c     (working copy)

@@ -1839,6 +1839,10 @@


       strcpy (cline, p);


+      /* Remove end of line comments */

+      p = strchr (cline, '#');

+      if (p) *p = 0;


       /* Cut the trailing spaces.  */

       for (p = strchr (cline, '\0'); isspace (*--p);)




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