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Re: [bug-inetutils] Hydra job gnu:inetutils-master:build build 183893 FA

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [bug-inetutils] Hydra job gnu:inetutils-master:build build 183893 FAILED
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 23:08:38 GMT

    Please do, I couldn't figure out how to create foo-inetutils@ via the
    web interface, it only wanted to create inetutils-foo@ ...

Indeed, it is not possible to create foo-pkgname for any foo, sorry I
forgot about that.  (Only the standard {bug,help,info}-inetutils.)

Before I create the list specially, I wonder ... what about reusing
commit-inetutils for this?  Build reports and commit msgs seem likely to
have the same audience, or am I wrong?

But if you prefer to have a separate list for build reports, I can set
that up.

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