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[bug-inetutils] Bug in ftpd (inetutils 1.5)

From: Asier Tamayo
Subject: [bug-inetutils] Bug in ftpd (inetutils 1.5)
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 15:21:11 +0200

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have observed a possible bug in the ftpd command of inetutils 1.5. I am 
compiling it with HAVE_MMAP not being defined.

My system uses inetd, which launches ftpd. I connect with an FTP client to that 
system, and everything seems to run correctly. The problem appears when I try 
to download a file in binary mode: ftpd retrieves me an empty file. 

I have studied the ftpd.c file, and seen a possible source of error: when ftpd 
wants to download a file, the retrieve() function calls send_data() with a 
buffer_size==0. In send_data(), in binary downloads, a buffer is created with 
malloc((u_int)blksize), being blksize buffer_size. Later, blksize bytes are 
read to that buffer. As a result, nothing is read and sent over the net.

I have tested a possible solution and it seems to be working: in retrieve(), 
before calling  send_data(), the value of buffer_size is set to the size of the 
file, or BUFSIZ, if that size is too big. See below for the code.

Is this bug a real one? Is my solution correct? Have you got a newer ftpd.c 

Best regards,

Asier Tamayo Arbide.
e-mail: address@hidden


retrieve (const char *cmd, const char *name)
          perror_reply (550, name);
          goto done;
  if (cmd == 0)
        buffer_size = (st.st_size < BUFSIZ)? st.st_size, BUFSIZ;
  dout = dataconn (name, st.st_size, "w");
  if (dout == NULL)
    goto done;
  send_data (fin, dout, buffer_size);

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