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Re: [bug-inetutils] [PATCH 0/7] argp'fied argument parsing & tiny fixes

From: Arash Yadegarnia
Subject: Re: [bug-inetutils] [PATCH 0/7] argp'fied argument parsing & tiny fixes
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 00:06:08 +0430

On Sat, 2008-08-23 at 05:18 -0400, Alfred M. Szmidt wrote: 
> Hi there!
> Very many thanks for your patches, I have commented on all of them,
> and so did Sergey.  Please write GNU style ChangeLog entries for them
> as well.

> I see that you have no copyright assignment for inetutils, we will
> need to have that before we can apply your patches to inetutils.  I'll
> send you the forms in a seperate message.

> Happy hacking!

Thanks everyone for helpful suggestions and comments.

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