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[bug-inetutils] syslogd : Hostname in syslog header being ignored

From: Achint Mehta
Subject: [bug-inetutils] syslogd : Hostname in syslog header being ignored
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 18:24:53 -0500

Hi All,

I am using syslog in the following configuration:
1. inetutils version : 1.5
2. syslog server/collector : gnu syslogd
3. syslog sender/device : non-gnu application on a separate machine as that of syslog server
4. Relay : not present
5. Packet Transmission : over udp
6. syslogd startup command line parameters: -r
7. RFC being referred : 3614

The syslogd seems to ignore the hostname in the message header (section 4.1.2)  and calculates the hostname of the  syslog sender/device using the IP address. If the hostname is provided in the syslog message by the sender then syslogd treats it as the part of syslog message.
e.g. when the syslog sender sends the following message over the network
<190>Oct 31 16:00:51 aurl0686 disEvt[28831]: Event 0:1

The message that is logged in the log file by syslogd is
Oct 31 16:00:51 aurl0686 aurl0686 disEvt[28831]: Event 0:1

In the syslogd.c the hostname is calculated from the function "cvthname" and passed as a parameter to the function "printline". However, the hostname is not extracted from the syslog message.

Though the hostname obtained from inet_ntoa is correct, however I expected that syslogd would extract the hostname from the syslog header.
Is there something wrong in the syslog message that the device is sending (any space padding problems) ?



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