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RE: [bug-inetutils] rcp -p bug

From: Adye, TJ \(Tim\)
Subject: RE: [bug-inetutils] rcp -p bug
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:03:04 -0000

Hi Alfred,

Any progress on this? I can't see any relevant updates in CVS.

Even if there isn't any reference, I guess my change


could go in. I've been using it happily since January.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alfred M. Szmidt <address@hidden>
> Sent: 01 May 2005 21:36
> To: address@hidden
> Cc: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [bug-inetutils] rcp -p bug
>    > Seemed?
>    That's what the code implied to my layman's eyes.
> I'll take a look this week or so.  If you (or anyone else) can do it
> faster, please do it! :-)
>    > You might wish to check the RFC's if they have anything.
>    I already checked that, but a quick search for "rcp" and "rsh"
>    didn't reveal anything useful.
> How utterly annoying... I'll see if I can find any kind of "reference"
> for rsh/rcp and post it to the list (or even just commit it as a file
> to the CVS repo).
> Thanks!

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