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[bug-inetutils] NEWS file for Inetutils 1.4.3

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: [bug-inetutils] NEWS file for Inetutils 1.4.3
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 14:03:47 -0700
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Better late than never...  Please review?

October 5, 2004
Version 1.4.3:

* Fix buffer overrun in ftp client.

* Recent gcc support.

* inetd PIDfile creation.

* libicmp cleanups

* ping fixes.

* Support rcp -V.

* rshd/rexecd now switches to the users home directory after authentication.

* rlogin now supports XON/XOFF without needing -8.

* rsh cleanups

* syslogd now can actually disable forwarding.

* talk allows the use of 8-bit ASCII.

* telnet not subject to certain DNS spoofing techniques that could
  possibly foil Kerberos authentication.

* tftp client fixes for possible buffer overruns and coredumps.

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