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[bug-inetutils] rshd Host address mismatch

From: Don Cohen
Subject: [bug-inetutils] rshd Host address mismatch
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 09:44:57 -0700

It's not clear to me from the man page exactly what is being checked
(and why).  The following configuration gives me trouble:
I have two machines that each have two network cards with different
addresses.  There are two different routes between the two machines,
depending on the addresses used.

       M1-a1 - M1 - M1-a2
         |            |
         |            |
       M2-a1 - M2 - M2-a2

I want to be able to rsh from M1 to either M2-a1 or M2-a2.

On M2 /etc/hosts contains
M1-a1           M1
M1-a2           M1
In this case I can rsh to M1-a1 but not M1-a2.
If I switch the order I can rsh to M1-a2 but not M1-a1.
Is this a bug in rshd?  
I've noticed one solution is to give M1 two different names.
Should that really be necessary?

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