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[bug-inetutils] compiling inetutils on AIX 51

From: Stuefe, Thomas
Subject: [bug-inetutils] compiling inetutils on AIX 51
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 14:23:11 +0200

Hi all!

I'm trying to compile the inetutils on AIX 5.1. I found several issues:

1) in libinetutils/ttymsg.c, line 136

I had to replace

   (char*)iov->iov_base += wret;


   iov->iov_base = (char *)iov->iov_base + wret;

On AIX, using xlC, a cast is not an lvalue. I'm not sure, but I always thought 
that standard ANSI behaviour.

2) in telnetd/telnetd.h, you use the macro P for parameter lists.

The functions net_output_data and debug_output_data are implemented in 
utility.c and defined in telnetd.h, using this P macro. Now, if that expands to 
nothing, the function declaration differs for those two functions between 
utility.c and telnetd.h. It seems that the xlC does not allow declaration
of functions with empty parameter lists if that parameter lists contains 
variable parameter lists...

I fixed it for me by removing the P macro in the header for those two functions:

    int net_output_data P((const char *format,...));
    int net_output_data(const char *format,...);


    extern void debug_output_data P((const char *fmt, ...));
    extern void debug_output_data (const char *fmt, ...);

Dunno whether this is a good solution, though.

3) we don't seem to have error.h on AIX, so as a quick workaround I put a 
static fake error (..) function into xmalloc.c.

4) AIX has setenv(), but not unsetenv ().

To fix this, I did:
4.1) in libinetutils/Makefile, I added setenv.o to the module list of 
am_libinetutils_a_OBJECTS. That way, the object setenv.o is always part of that 
4.2) I introduced a flag HAVE_UNSETENV in config.h, right beside HAVE_SETENV. 
HAVE_SETENV would be 1 on AIX, HAVE_UNSETENV would be not defined.
4.3) In libinetutils/setenv.c, I enclosed the setenv() implementation with 
4.3) In libinetutils/setenv.c, I enclosed the unsetenv() implementation with 

That way, I can use the setenv() function from the C-Runtime and the unsetenv 
function from libinetutils/setenv.c.

Tell me what you think about it. Is there a way/does it make sense to add part 
of it (e.g. point 4) to your official sources?

Bye, Thomas Stuefe

Thomas Stüfe
IBM AS/400 Porting Team
SAP Germany

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