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[bug-inetutils] Re: Errors/Warning when run configure under cygwin.

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: [bug-inetutils] Re: Errors/Warning when run configure under cygwin.
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 11:26:13 +0100
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Please, report this to the package maintainers, as it's a configure.ac
problem.  The Autoconf 2.57 doc says:

      Previous versions of Autoconf merely checked whether the header was
   accepted by the preprocessor.  This was changed because the old test was
   inappropriate for typical uses.  Headers are typically used to compile,
   not merely to preprocess, and the old behavior sometimes accepted
   headers that clashed at compile-time.  If you need to check whether a
   header is preprocessable, you can use `AC_PREPROC_IFELSE' (*note
   Running the Preprocessor::).
      This scheme, which improves the robustness of the test, also requires
   that you make sure that headers that must be included before the
   HEADER-FILE be part of the INCLUDES, (*note Default Includes::).  If
   looking for `bar.h', which requires that `foo.h' be included before if
   it exists, we suggest the following scheme:
   AC_CHECK_HEADERS([bar.h], [], [],
   [#if HAVE_FOO_H
   # include <foo.h>
   # endif


| Hello,
| While running configure for the cygwin environment, the following
| message appeared:
| -----------
| checking netinet/ip.h usability... no
| checking netinet/ip.h presence... yes
| configure: WARNING: netinet/ip.h: present but cannot be compiled
| configure: WARNING: netinet/ip.h: check for missing prerequisite
| headers?
| configure: WARNING: netinet/ip.h: proceeding with the preprocessor's
| result
| configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------------ ##
| configure: WARNING:     ## Report this to address@hidden ##
| configure: WARNING:     ## ------------------------------------ ##
| ------------
| I'm including the config.log file and the output from the
| configuration file
| Peter Rehley
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| calculators for Palm Pilots and other PDAs since 1997
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