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Branched for 1.4.0

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Branched for 1.4.0
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:17:13 -0700
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I've  branched  the  Inetutils  CVS  for  1.4.   You  can  get  it  as

This branch exists so that Sergey can do any further changed he needs
to the mainline without worrying about disrupting this release.  (I'm
going to test his changes, but branching allows me to roll it back if
we decide that it's too risky.  I'll let Sergey advise on that).

I am also doing some SNMP related work with my job.  I will quite
likely create some new directories: libsnmp, snmptools, and snmpd

snmptools will contain snmpwalk, snmptrap, and other goodies.

This is a very short-lived branch.  The 1.4.1 branch will be made off
of the trunk.

As soon as I resolve some build issues with the newest autoconf *sigh*
I'll produce a new snapshot.  (The nice part, is that they're *good*
changes this time...)

Jeff Bailey

"Frankly, trying to turn Windows into a decent educational software
development platform is about as fun as jumping naked into a pit of
rabid wolves."
 - As seen on slashdot

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