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Gack, out of time. =(

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Gack, out of time. =(
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 05:46:45 -0800
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I've run out of time, and can't do the inetutils release.  There are
two patches queued up: A syslog patch (Marcus said last night he would
take care of), and the Unix98 PTYs patch.  I don't know anything about
Unix98 PTYs, and haven't had time to do the research necessary to
figure out if the patch is right or not.

Over the next month, could someone take a look at that?  When I get
back, I can do all the QA for the release.

Jeff Bailey

Some people play the lottery, some people use Ebay. Personally, I've
had much better luck with Ebay than the lottery
 - hendridm

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