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Patch for inetutils 1.3.2

From: Davin McCall
Subject: Patch for inetutils 1.3.2
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 11:11:46 +1100


I have found a bug in "syslogd". On my machine this was manifesting itself as a 
spurios empty message being logged to the console every time I started this 
machine (though this only appeared after a memory upgrade, strangely).

After a small amount of investigating I have found the problem: syslogd reads 
from the kernel message device (/proc/kmsg on my machine) with a "read" call, 
and expects to read a line at a time. This will not necessarily work. In my 
case, it seems, syslogd was able to read part of a line (and in the next read() 
it would get the rest, or another part, of the line) and this confused it.

I have included a patch (which alters only "syslogd.c") which fixes the problem 
on my machine, and which should be fine on any other machine as far as I can 

Davin McCall.

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