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Assignment forms for the FSF

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Assignment forms for the FSF
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 05:55:58 -0800
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Marco, Alain, Sergey, Joel:

You folks don't appear to have assignment forms on file with the Free
Software Foundation for GNU Inetutils.  Are you willing to do this?
Basically, this says that the FSF owns the code that you wrote for
Inetutils, and gives them the right to defend it in court if needed.

If you wrote the Inetutils code in some capacity for work, or if you
have a contract that generally gives code that you write to your work,
you may need a "disclaimer" form for your employer to sign that says
that they don't mind if the FSF owns your work on Inetutils.

If you are willing, please let me know your postal address, and I will
get assignment forms mailed off to you.

I'm preparing to release a new version of Inetutils very soon - The
code will go out as it is with or without these forms.  However,
within the next two releases, Inetutils will hopefully only contain
code that is assigned to the FSF.

Jeff Bailey

I want to go live with the guy who came up with the phrase "Free like

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