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Re: Building inetutils from 2000-11-07 CVS

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: Re: Building inetutils from 2000-11-07 CVS
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 16:10:42 -0800

On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 11:48:55PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> You can run ./autogen.sh, which does all necessary steps. The real
> distribution will of course come with a configure script.
> All other problems you report are actually due to the fact that you didn't
> complete all steps in autogen.sh. Try to run it on a fresh copy of the
> checkout and try again.

I've been trying to think of a way to get rid of this FAQ, but I can't 
think of a good one.  Do you think it would be worth making a hack so 
that if a .cvsreadme exists, it's spit out to the screen using some 
available pager?  (Does anyone know if CVS is even still under development?)

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