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problem building inetutils

From: Vidyadhar Watve
Subject: problem building inetutils
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 17:39:33 -0000

I have problems building the   inetutils-1.3.2/a/b  source code downloaded from gnu ftp site .
Following Errors occur in sys_term.c in   telnetd   directory.
sys_term.c: In function `rmut':
sys_term.c:2236: arithmetic on pointer to an incomplete type
sys_term.c:2256: structure has no member named `ut_name'
How do i solve the problem . I am compiling on RedHat  linux 6.2.
Vidyadhar Watve
L&T Information Tech. Ltd ,
No 4 , Service Road ,
Domlur , Bangalore.
Ph: (080) 5360510/12

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