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inetutils co-maintainer wanted

From: Alain Magloire
Subject: inetutils co-maintainer wanted
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 14:17:07 -0400 (EDT)

  Bad news, it seems that I'm not off the hook that easily.  The
doc just put me back in a cast for another 6 weeks(the bones did
not resolder).  So 6 weeks + physio that means missing the Y2k
release, after all that hard work.

So, if someone wants to pick things up, for a while that's good
I will help (albeit slowly) to get him settle.  If not everything
will have to wait 2 months.

So give me a buz, if you have some free cycles to burn to co-maintain
this package.

Jeff ? Marckus ? Jackob ? Michael ? Richard ? anyone ;-)

au revoir, alain
Aussi haut que l'on soit assis, on est toujours assis que sur son cul !!!

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