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[bug-gv] Installing "gv 3.6.1" on Solaris

From: Frank Jensen
Subject: [bug-gv] Installing "gv 3.6.1" on Solaris
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 23:06:13 +0000


I just finished installing "gv 3.6.1" on some Solaris boxes.  This did
not go as smooth as I would have liked it to.  Here are the problems
(and their solutions) encountered in that process:

1. Solaris does not have the <getopt.h> header (or the "getopt_long"
   function) used by "gv".  Many other GNU programs also use this
   feature.  However, they include the sources in the package.  At
   least this is true for "gcc", "gdb", and "emacs".  I imported the
   "getopt.h", "getopt.c", and "getopt1.c" files from the "gcc"
   distribution in order to progress.

   These files should be included in the "gv" distribution.  Whether
   they should always be used, their presence in the system detected
   by "configure", or they should be explicitly chosen using a
   "--enable-getopt-code" option to "configure", I will leave to you
   to decide.

2. Solaris 10 has the "setenv" function, but older Solaris'es do not.
   If I specify the "--enable-setenv-code" option to "configure", the
   (link) error goes away.

   Solaris has both "getenv" and "putenv" if that helps.

Best regards,

Frank Jensen,   address@hidden

Hugin Expert A/S
Gasværksvej 5
9000 Aalborg

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