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[bug-gv] Documentation bugs

From: Frank Jensen
Subject: [bug-gv] Documentation bugs
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 23:22:25 +0000


1. The default values given in the "INSTALL" file as well as in the
   "configure --help" output for the following "configure" options are

   --enable-signal-handle (also noticed by John Bowman)

2. GNU GV Manual, page 6: The default value for "scratchDir" is
   "/tmp/", not the invocation directory.

3. GNU GV Manual, page 7: The default value for "gsInterpreter" is
   "gs", not "gv".

By the way, it would be nice if "configure" had options to specify the
full paths of the programs invoked by "gv".  Then the user wouldn't be
required to have them in his PATH.  These options could, for example,
be named:


Best regards,

Frank Jensen,   address@hidden

Hugin Expert A/S
Gasværksvej 5
9000 Aalborg

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