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[Bug-gnucap] gnucap bug

From: Ron Peters
Subject: [Bug-gnucap] gnucap bug
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 15:02:31 -0600


I have a specially modified version of gnucap which is made of files from 
different versions.

I am using MSVS6. gnucap compiles without errors or warnings.

I recently tried to reference a component in a subcircuit from an H component 
in a different subcircuit.

I get an error message "can't find:" followed by the component name, which I 
traced to e_cardlist.cpp, Ln 316

Is it possible to fix this in the version that I am using:/*$Id: 
e_cardlist.cc,v 22.21 2002/10/06 07:21:50 al Exp $ -*- C++ -*-

e_compon.cpp is version:/*$Id: e_compon.cc,v 23.1 2002/11/06 07:47:50 al Exp $ 
-*- C++ -*-

The circuit file is attached (incomplete test file only). Look for R3.XAM4 in 

I don't know if I have told you enough to get an answer.


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