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Re: [Bug-gnucap] "no match" error attempting to printing named nodes

From: Al Davis
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnucap] "no match" error attempting to printing named nodes
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 22:25:16 -0700

On Saturday 25 January 2003 09:45 am, Kenelm L. McKinney wrote:
> I am having a simple problem which I think is a bug. ?Before starting the
> process of fixing it I thought I would see if anyone on the list has seen
> the problem, fixed the problem, or has any thoughts on the problem.

Named nodes code is incomplete.  I did not want to hold up the release of 
other improvements waiting for it.  That is why it is off by default.

You can use named nodes to read a file that has named nodes.  Then turn it 
off and run it as numbered nodes.

It has been crazy here.  I have had almost no time to work on gnucap.

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