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Re: [bug-gnu-libiconv] [Build] Please consider adding install-strip targ

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [bug-gnu-libiconv] [Build] Please consider adding install-strip target to libiconv
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 10:08:30 +0100
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Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
> Can you please consider adding install-strip target as automake does,
> so that a package can be installed stripped without passing any
> compiler flags or hack output?

Implemented today. Thanks for the suggestion.

2009-01-17  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        Add support for "make install-strip".
        * configure.ac: Search for 'strip'. Invoke AM_PROG_INSTALL_STRIP.
        * Makefile.in (install-strip): New rule.
        * src/Makefile.in (STRIP, INSTALL_STRIP_PROGRAM, install_sh): New 
        (install-strip): New rule.
        * lib/Makefile.in (install-strip): New target.
        * preload/Makefile.in (install-strip): Likewise.
        * man/Makefile.in (install-strip): Likewise.
        Reported by Alon Bar-Lev <address@hidden>.

2009-01-17  Bruno Haible  <address@hidden>

        Update after gnulib changed.
        * src/Makefile.in (RELOCATABLE_STRIP): New variable.

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