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DF/DU bug

From: Kleinman, David
Subject: DF/DU bug
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 12:36:52 -0400

I see the following errors using the df and du commands on a redhat
advanced server 2.1 system:

address@hidden temp]# df -k .

/dev/sdd1             35006192      7956  33220012   1%

address@hidden temp]# df -h .

/dev/sdd1              33G  7.8M   31G   1%

address@hidden temp]# pwd


address@hidden temp]# ls -al

-rw-r-----    1 oraprd   oinstall 1048584192 Jul 26 12:05 temp01.dbf

-rw-r-----    1 oraprd   oinstall 1048584192 Jul 26 12:05 temp02.dbf

-rw-r-----    1 oraprd   oinstall 524296192 Jul 26 12:05 temp03.dbf

This filesystem holds approximately 2.5 gb's of data but the disk usage
utilities only report 7.8M.

David Kleinman

Systems Administrator

Applica INC

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