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I think there is a bug in chown. Not sure

From: Vladimir Florentino
Subject: I think there is a bug in chown. Not sure
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:36:34 -0400

 we just upgraded from redhat 7.5 to redhat enterprise linux ES 2.1 .

I was changing ownerships when I noticed a little anomality.

Lets say I have 3 directories in /home named dir1,dir13,dir17.
Lets also say that I have 3 users by the same names. If I assign ownership of 
/home/dir1/ to user dir1 everything work fine, but if I try changing the 
ownership of /home/dir13/ or /home/dir17/ to users dir13 and dir17 the 
ownership is assigned to the user dir1 instead. Is as if the second diget of 
the name is being ignored. I copied chown from a different machine running 
redhat 7.5 and got the same thing, so I don't know if it's a bug.

This happened with other directories users as well. For intance 
directory | current owner | try to changed to | actually changed to
dir20     |   anyone      |   dir20           | dir2
dir21     |   whoever     |   dir21           | dir2
dir35     |   anyuser     |   dir35           | dir3
dir38     |   root        |   dir38           | dir3

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