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Re: sort case intermixed but leading dot not

From: gregory mott
Subject: Re: sort case intermixed but leading dot not
Date: 21 Jun 2003 07:05:14 +0100

On Thu, 2003-06-12 at 09:06, gregory mott wrote: 
> On Thu, 2003-06-12 at 02:30, David T-G wrote:
> > On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 22:05, gregory mott wrote:
> > % since you also mention locale i will also mention that i do have a
> > % personal locale i made just for the purpose of sorting things the way i
> > % want.  my locale sorts case intermixed.  i was floored that sorting case
> > % intermixed just wasn't available until i cooked up a locale for myself,
> > 
> > What, en_US doesn't work for you?  That's what put me *on* this list :-)
> uh, it's been awhile since i went thru that exercise but iirc when
> trying the various available locales i was able to get either both case
> and leading dot files intermixed or neither.  what i want is case
> intermixed but leading dot not.
> > % but it was a nice little exercise.  and when i want case nonintermixed,
> > % all i have to do is specify ls -v, which sorts everything the Right Way.
> > 
> > Nice, indeed.

On Thu, 2003-06-12 at 11:53, David T-G wrote:
> ... as well as to put up a page somewhere
> detailing the locale you've created (sounds interesting!).

well since that's not likely anymonth soon, i'll at least be happy to
drop it here:

--->  /usr/share/i18n/locales/g  <---
# build with:
# localedef -i g -c g
# i want things sorted case intermixed,
# with other characters doing a simple ASCII sort,
# in particular NOT intermixing leading dot.
order_start forward
<U0041> <U0041>;<U0041>
<U0061> <U0041>;<U0061>
<U0042> <U0042>;<U0042>
<U0062> <U0042>;<U0062>
<U0043> <U0043>;<U0043>
<U0063> <U0043>;<U0063>
<U0044> <U0044>;<U0044>
<U0064> <U0044>;<U0064>
<U0045> <U0045>;<U0045>
<U0065> <U0045>;<U0065>
<U0046> <U0046>;<U0046>
<U0066> <U0046>;<U0066>
<U0047> <U0047>;<U0047>
<U0067> <U0047>;<U0067>
<U0048> <U0048>;<U0048>
<U0068> <U0048>;<U0068>
<U0049> <U0049>;<U0049>
<U0069> <U0049>;<U0069>
<U004A> <U004A>;<U004A>
<U006A> <U004A>;<U006A>
<U004B> <U004B>;<U004B>
<U006B> <U004B>;<U006B>
<U004C> <U004C>;<U004C>
<U006C> <U004C>;<U006C>
<U004D> <U004D>;<U004D>
<U006D> <U004D>;<U006D>
<U004E> <U004E>;<U004E>
<U006E> <U004E>;<U006E>
<U004F> <U004F>;<U004F>
<U006F> <U004F>;<U006F>
<U0050> <U0050>;<U0050>
<U0070> <U0050>;<U0070>
<U0051> <U0051>;<U0051>
<U0071> <U0051>;<U0071>
<U0052> <U0052>;<U0052>
<U0072> <U0052>;<U0072>
<U0053> <U0053>;<U0053>
<U0073> <U0053>;<U0073>
<U0054> <U0054>;<U0054>
<U0074> <U0054>;<U0074>
<U0055> <U0055>;<U0055>
<U0075> <U0055>;<U0075>
<U0056> <U0056>;<U0056>
<U0076> <U0056>;<U0076>
<U0057> <U0057>;<U0057>
<U0077> <U0057>;<U0077>
<U0058> <U0058>;<U0058>
<U0078> <U0058>;<U0078>
<U0059> <U0059>;<U0059>
<U0079> <U0059>;<U0079>
<U005A> <U005A>;<U005A>
<U007A> <U005A>;<U007A>

# i want date and time the way i believe they Should Be, like this:
# 2003/06/20 21:27:54
d_fmt   "<U0025><U0059><U002F><U0025><U006D><U002F><U0025><U0064>"

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