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Re: cp and big files

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: cp and big files
Date: 31 Oct 2000 20:14:37 +0100
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nordi <address@hidden> wrote:
| I have a little problem using 'cp' for copying files.
| What I'm trying to do is the following:
| cp /dev/hda12 /backup/img_hda12 &
| It starts copying, but stops when img_hda12 has reached
| a size of 2147483645 bytes, which looks to me like
| 2^31 . Is there a way to get this file copied with cp?
| I have enough disk space (8GB), so that's not the
| problem.
| my system:
| SuSE Linux 7.0  kernel 2.2.16
| /backup is a ReiserFS partition (EIDE)

Thanks for the report.

Please try with


but don't use it for production.  There's a mkdir -p bug
that leaves `parent' directories with incorrect permissions.
4.0.30 should be out very soon.

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