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Re: Shred 1.0 Bug Report

From: Elias Halldor Agustsson
Subject: Re: Shred 1.0 Bug Report
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2000 22:59:20 +0000
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Það var Miðvikudagur í Október þegar Wietse Venema sagði:
> M. Leo Cooper:
> > Jeff, I do have to question whether it was appropriate to notify
> > Bugtraq, since "shred" was never, to my knowledge, a part of any Linux
> > distribution.
> shred(1) installs with redhat 6.2, out of the box. Beware, software
> never dies. Once you release it things are out of your control.

Since it is a part of the GNU fileutils package, it must be in
most major distributions by now.

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