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Patch bison for M4 arguments

From: Barry Davis
Subject: Patch bison for M4 arguments
Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2018 14:41:10 +0100

Bison runs M4. It adds BISON_PKGDATADIR to the search path for M4 and
launches M4 to run on m4sugar/m4sugar.m4. m4sugar
includes m4sugar/foreach.m4 which is found on M4s search path.
Somewhere along the line we include c.m4 which
includes b4_pkgdatadir/[c-like.m4], but M4 doesn't know the b4_pkgdatadir
variable and so fails to include.

I've seen this building krb5-1.16.1 in a cross environment where bison-3.1
is installed and ran from a staging area with the environment variables M4

I was previously using bison-2.5.1 which didn't have this issue.

Attached is a patch I wrote that tells M4 to define b4_pkgdatadir which
fixes this issue. It uses asprintf so you may want to extend it to free the

Barry Davis


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