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bison v2.2, CVS/HEAD: generated files

From: Oleg Smolsky
Subject: bison v2.2, CVS/HEAD: generated files
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 15:55:16 +1300

Hello all,

I've just tested the current CVS/HEAD re: the issue I reported a few
months ago:

> I think I have a couple of issues to report :) Given the following
> command:
> bison -d -S lalr1.cc -o generated/SomeParser.cpp SomeParser.y
> I get two files created in my generated/ directory (which is fine):
> SomeParser.cpp
> SomeParser.hpp
> 1) The following files are created in the directory where bison is
> run (instead of the given output dir):
> location.hh
> position.hh
> stack.hh
OK, this one is fixed, and works well.

> 2) newly created SomeParser.cpp contains a #include which has a full
> path:
> #include "generated/SomeParser.hpp"
> (instead of just #include "SomeParser.hpp", which breaks the
> compilation.
This one is still broken. Both files are located in the same
directory, and there is no way this would compile. IMHO the .cpp file
should contain no path at all.

I have attached a patch which fixes the issue in what seems to be the
most obvious fashion ;) Comments? Queries?

Best regards,

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