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Re: bison'd files don't compile under Microsoft VC++

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: bison'd files don't compile under Microsoft VC++
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 21:43:20 +0100

At 10:40 -0800 2002/02/14, David Gluss wrote:
>I just wanted to use the MS compiler to compile
>C, as most of us have been doing for years.

I thought you were compiling the files as C++, in view of that you had a
namespace problem. You wrote:

>One of the 'features' of the Microsoft environment is that size_t isn't in
>the std:: namespace.

C does not have namespace's.

>To say that MS doesn't adhere to "usual practice"
>is, to be charitable, incorrect.  They are the definition
>of usual practice.

Only to MS. :-)

>  I don't at all agree with their practice,
>but that's not the point!

Well, Bison is a GNU project, and that comes first. And GCC is one of the
most C++ compliant compilers some say in the C++ newsgroups.

  Hans Aberg

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