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Re: Bison development

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Bison development
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 13:47:57 +0100

At 13:03 +0100 2002/01/16, Akim Demaille wrote:
>Hans> The idea was to reduce the cycle time needed on your human
>Hans> supercomputers: That's what structured programming does.
>The idea is spending less time answering to you, and spending it onto
>Bison development.

You will spend a lot more time doing the development with skeleton files on
different languages.

>The idea is we are aware Bison is not modular, and that's what we're
>doing.  When will you understand that?

When I see it or the specs.

>Hans> I already offered my C++ skeleton files & tweaks, but I recall
>Hans> you said you wanted to develop that yourselves.
>That's not the development we need.

I recall that you said that your C++ programs already have been broken,
which clearly happened because you have not developed a proper C++ skeleton

>  We need to develop the core bison
>so that Hanses can work on their side without having to submerge us
>with their inputs.

Clearly, I have already done what I need.

All needed is a fix so that your own C++ programs work. :-)

>Hans> So, in fine, you don't want ideas that simplify your work,
>We have them.  You seem to believe we need you have ideas.  Sorry, we
>don't (at least now).

I think the problem is that your focus is on developing Bison version
1.31.0000001. :-)

>Hans> nor do you want have the development work itself. :-)
>No, we want it where it is needed, not where it will require more work
>from us.

Well, try to run your broken C++ programs then. Drop a note on this list
when you have had some success. :-)

  Hans Aberg

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