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Re: [PATCH] token value 0 is ignored

From: Dick Streefland
Subject: Re: [PATCH] token value 0 is ignored
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 17:37:22 +0100
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On Monday 2001-10-29 17:01, Akim Demaille wrote:
| Dick>   %token UILEOF 0
| Dick> Bison ignores the 0, and assigns token value 257. 
| Well I agree it should not renumber it, at least not silently, but
| your patch is wrong, you seem to have forgotten the calling convention
| with yylex, which the author of the %tokenline above didn't, according
| to the name of the token:

Sorry, but I don't understand why you think the patch is wrong. The
token UILEOF is supposed to mean EOF, and so it is defined as zero.
What my patch does is using the (illegal) value -1 instead of 0 to
detect token definitions without a specified value. What is wrong with

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