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From: Shura
Subject: skeleton_find
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001 10:55:34 +0700

Excuse me, but code, that I have sent you 
(Look harder for skeletons on DOSish systems.) contains some
program_name not always contains a full path to an
executable file.
It was necessary to use WinApi to receive it.
  I shall be very grateful, if you will show me, as it can
be made in Unix.; -}

I have changed function get_extension_index. 
These changes also concerns to DOSish systems.
It is necessary to check both '\\', and '/', 
because after start 'configure' in src/Makefile 
DEFS=: -DBISON_SIMPLE = \ "/usr/shar/bison/bison.simple \ "

All changes are in a file files_ms_replay.c.

Configure: 8692
-: $ {TMPDIR =/tmp}
It is not a correct path in DOSish systems, but $TMP or
$TEMP exists.
+: $ {TMPDIR = $TMP}

Borland C ++ 5.5.x:
The directory bcc55 contains necessary files 
to compile bison in Borland C ++ 5.5.x. 
The file bcc55\lib\libfiles.diff describes necessary changes 
in source files of the appropriate directory.

My question:
Can you write about %thong more in detail (reader.c: 798)? 
I have found in yours FAQ about %guard, 
but I have not found the links on %thong.; -}

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