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Re: Bug in #include guards

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: Bug in #include guards
Date: 02 Oct 2001 19:31:38 +0200
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>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander Belopolsky <address@hidden> writes:


Good!  Then I'm happy people have an actual use for this.  I also hope
you'll like what will be done for C++ in a near future.

Alexander> Getting back to the argument on the proper guard macros, I
Alexander> feel that your objections are purely aesthetic.  At the
Alexander> same time the danger of macro name collision is real
Alexander> particularly in large projects where "proper use of bison"
Alexander> is difficult to control.

I understand your point from a theoretical point of view, but in
practice I cannot imagine it happening.  Yet because it means someone
who have written somewhere something like...

#include 'some/path/foo.tab.h'
#include 'some_path/foo.tab.h'

this is just amazing...

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