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Re: [be] Bibledit Web progress

From: Teus Benschop
Subject: Re: [be] Bibledit Web progress
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 16:43:08 +0200

Hi Robert,

Recently version 0.1 of Bibledit-Web was quietly released. It was done
quietly because we wanted to try it out in our team and gets the
mistakes ironed out before it would effect the wider group. However,
whoever is willing can download it and use it. It focuses on
consultation notes rather than text entry, though text entry is possible

Most work is done on Bibledit-Web, rather than Bibledit-Gtk.

About resources, I believe there is Sword-Web.
Whether it provides what you need I don't know. It can display Sword
related contents, it seems.

Keep well,


On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 16:40 +1200, Robert Hunt wrote:
> New Zealand.
> Hi Teus,
>      I had a play with Bibledit-Web yesterday. It looks like it's still 
> fairly skeletal. Can you give a progress report? Are you mostly working 
> on that or Bibledit? Do you plan to display resources in Bibledit-Web?
> Thanks,
> Robert.

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