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Re: [be] New subscriber's post (developmental questions)

From: Eric
Subject: Re: [be] New subscriber's post (developmental questions)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 07:52:48 +0300

I think the bibledit-web concept is excellent, and am following news on it with 
interest. Thanks, Teus!

Just a thought here, but I think it might be good to have the option for 
administrators to chose which rights go to whom. E.g. I'm not sure a new 
translation really should be immediately available to anyone ("visitor"). It 
may invite premature comments or criticism that would slow the process down. Or 
perhaps visitors could be prevented entirely until a certain phase when the 
administrator chooses to disclose translation content.

> The idea behind Bibledit-Web is that various users can log into the
> application, and that each user has a certain "level" within the
> application. This level will give him or her more or less rights.
> 1. There's the most basic level, which is "Visitor". A visitor can be
> anybody who visit the site and does not log in. Visitors should be able
> to see the Bibles being translated on the site.
> 2. The next level is a "Member". A member is somebody who has signed up
> to the site, and has confirmed this signup through his email. This is an
> independent process, which means whoever wants can become a "Member".
> Members will be able to do the same as Visitors, but in addition they
> will be able to raise Issues or "Consultation Notes" on the site. These
> notes presumably will be about how a certain passage has been
> translated. Members should be able to subscribe to changes in the Bible,
> and to changes in Consultation Notes, so that they are notified by email
> about this.

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