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[be] New subscriber's post (developmental questions)

From: Nakamaru Kunio
Subject: [be] New subscriber's post (developmental questions)
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 12:13:06 +0900

Hello Bibledit-development teams

Kunio is my name. I am from Japan.
I am new to Bibledit and this is my first post.

I believe I have a call from God to do something about Japanese
Bible translation. We desperately need a copyright free or loose Bible

But I am not a great scholar nor a famous pastor as a such. What I can
do is to write codes. I would like to develop or contribute to a existing development
for a platform which can help people to translate in a public domain.

I hope you forgive me if same questions arose before or written somewhere.

1. Is Bibledit-Web designed/assumed to be used in a public domain or used in a trust team.

2. Is it planned to support versioning?

3. Is it planned to support branching? or one application site must come up with
one final translation.

Adding notes to 3, I am imaging if a Bible translation work is collaborated in public domain,
it could be too hard come up with one translation for every verse. It is too bad to split
the team and make a copy of the web application every time they can not come up with
a common translation. So I am assuming that branching at verse level should be supported
and the final outputs(like whole OSIS, let me call it "a distribution") should also be plural.
And for each distribution should choose branched verses to take which version.

Blessing & Thank you in advance.

Kunio Nakamaru

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